My background as a casualty make up'er

I have 17 years of experience in casualty make-up. If you would like to have a look at the ones I have worked for, please click on my CV.

My education, which I have documented from all the years I have done it, started outside Norway. I found out early in my years as a casualty make-up'r that I had to seek outside my country to find anyone who could teach me how to make really realistic injuries.

On Delamare Academy in London I attended a course in casualty make up with Penny Delamare who has worked over  30 years  for BBC as a make-up artist.
Many of those graduated from the academy are today working in film and theathre both in UK and USA. Among others for Steven Spielberg
So I found the week with Penny Delamare very rewarding. 

In Denmark I participated on several UN exercises togegther with crew from the Danish National Guard. From them I learned the casualty make-up techique I use today. The technique is making the injuries I produce very durable.

In 1999 I applied for a membership in  Casualties Union.  This is a charity organization in Great Britain. To become a member you have to take exams in things related to the work of a "casualty" as to anatomy, first aid, acting, staging, casualty make-up and other misc. things. I read the compendium in Norway and went over to UK and took the exams. I passed and was taken up as a member. Today I am the only one in Norway and in Scandinavia who is member of this organization which serve both civilian and military rescue units in United Kingdom. I also attend exercises in and around where the branch "Stour branch" I belong to. As to several "plane crashh" at Stansted airport. 

I found out at an early stage that the only shop in Norway who took both make up at theathre and exercises seriously, was Teatersminke which now has changed name to Visage.  

By using my instructor education from our National Guard - Heimevernet  where I took both basic and seargent education, I was able to instruct on both the signal corps courses and also courses in casualty make up for Red Cross, Civil defense and also the medical corps in our armed forces. .

If references should be nessessary, please contact me for information about them in  Luftambulansen,  Røde Kors and Sivilforsvaret i Stavanger.

I have no problem in travelling to other countries and help out in exercises needing very realistic casualty make up. After 17 years in the trade, I do not have to have weeks of advance information, After having been to many large exercises, I know that things can change within minutes and to be able to serve the rescue units, you have to be so professional that you can take this changes there and then. And I can do that.

My wish has always been that those organizations which usually have people with some casualy make up skill, could co-operate on full scale exercises. That way the casualy make-up would be realistic and fast done. But unfortunately the reality of life is not like that. Each and one in these organizations are holding on to their induvidual casualty make up, regardless of good or bad and will not share with anybody. That way the art of casualty make up comes to a still stand.

I am hoping with my web area to bring forward an understanding of that good realistic casualty make up will make the different rescue units respect our skills and use them more in their exercises. Let's get rid of the "casualty painting".

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